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Like a new roof, replacing your doors can completely change the entire personality of your home! At LMP Roofing and Construction, we offer various options to match your style, ensuring not just visual appeal but also safety. Our doors are designed for energy efficiency, contributing to a comfortable and eco-friendly home. Choose doors that suit your lifestyle, adding a unique touch to your home’s look. Contact us today to check out the options we have to achieve the appearance you want for your property!

How Can You Tell If You Need New Doors

Here are some signs to consider new doors for your home:

  • Fading Finishes: Over time, the finish on doors can fade, diminishing the overall appearance of your home’s entry points.
  • Squeaky Hinges: Persistent squeaks when opening or closing your doors can be a sign of wear and tear, impacting both convenience and peace of mind.
  • Moisture Damage: Warping, rotting, or other forms of moisture damage on doors can compromise their structural integrity and insulation.